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"Queen Zaria The Lioness" Bracelet Set

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Introducing our remarkable bracelet set, "Queen Zaria The Lioness," inspired by the strength and grace of lionesses in the Lion King's Lioness Pride. This set is a testament to the importance of female power and showcases the elegance and sophistication that every lady deserves. 

Crafted with premium-quality beads, each piece in this three-layer set exudes luxury and attention to detail. We ensure that every aspect of these bracelets meets our high standards for both quality and sophistication.

Designed specifically for a lady of refined taste, "Queen Zaria The Lioness" bracelet set enhances your style and adds a touch of regal allure to any ensemble. The layers of the set can be worn together or individually, allowing for versatility and customization.

Treat yourself or surprise a special woman in your life with the "Queen Zaria The Lioness" bracelet set. Experience the joy of wearing a quality accessory that reflects your exceptional taste and honors the pride and elegance of the lioness within.


"Queen Zaria The Lioness" Bracelet Set
"Queen Zaria The Lioness" Bracelet Set Sale price€44,99 EUR